Sales Pivot Workshop
Ideal for businesses looking to pivot a small to medium sales force.
This is a 8 week mastermind workshop designed to build YOUR sales program for THIS market. Each week:
Attend the 1 hour mastermind group sessions
Create your program with a step-by-step process in your workbook
Meet one-on-one with a coach for a collaborative session on your work
Create an agile sales program that you can scale!
3 distinct areas of focus: Strategic, Structural and Tactical
$1,995 for the workshop, all materials and the individual work.
A healthy top-line is the KEY to the successful pivot. To give the businesses the attention they deserve, we must limit this to 20 participants.

Company Information

We are a management consulting firm focused on helping business increase revenue by building out sales programs. From strategic sales consultation to creating the appropriate structure all the way through the tactical aspects of sales management, we bring an systematic approach to creating a customized sales program.


Jason Lazzerini
3429 Niolopua Drive Honolulu, Hawaii 96817