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Company seeking assistance has to be registered with the Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)
Assistance is extended on a first-come-first-serve basis
Terms and conditions apply with the acceptance of assistance

**Each successful applicant will be provided with a maximum of 3 hours of assistance**
(additional cost of assistance will be borne by the applicant)

INNOVATE Hawaii (HTDC) E-Commerce & Digital Marketing Assistance Program

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On-Demand Workshops

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The Business Pivot Workshop

In this webinar we will share examples of successful pivots across different industries and introduce tools to help you pivot such as Creating Market Uniqueness, Growing My Business, Scaling My Business, and Developing a Recurring Revenue Model. We conclude the session with time to complete the Chamber of Commerce Pivot Expense Reimbursement Application and will be available to answer questions.

Restaurant Possible: How Some Restaurants Are Pivoting Their Business Model

This webinar highlights some of the innovative ways local restaurant owners and operators are pivoting their business as a result of the pandemic.  Hear the stories and lessons learned from a panel of restaurant owners and operators who have made creative changes to their menu, product, dine-in, and take-out & delivery options.  How might you apply this to your restaurant?

Featuring: Jeremy Shigekane, M by Chef Mavro; Roy Yamaguchi, Chef/Founder of Roy’s Worldwide, Roy’s Beach House, Eating House 1849, Humble Market Kitchin, Roy’s GOEN Dining + Bar; and Marc Nezu, Hy’s Steakhouse.

    Developing a Recurring Revenue Model

    This workshop picks-up where the Business Pivot Workshop left off and goes into more detail about how to identify and create the best recurring revenue model for your business.

    • Learn about the “hierarchy of revenue”
    • Understand the nine subscription models
    • Identify the subscription model(s) that best fit your product or service offering

    Creating Market Uniqueness

    This workshop picks-up where the Business Pivot Workshop left off and goes into more detail about how to create a unique market position.

    • Learn how to review your company’s positioning in the market
    • Isolate the attribute and qualities of your business that give you a defendable market position
    • Identify which Marketing messages give you the highest degree of differentiation from your competition and which are most meaningful to customers

    Growing My Business

    This workshop picks-up where the Business Pivot Workshop left off and goes into more detail about how to discover your lowest risk and highest growth potential opportunities.

    • Review your product and service mix
    • Pinpoint your product and services with the highest growth potential at the last risk
    • Create a road map of the products and services to help grow your company at the least risk

    Scaling My Business

    This workshop picks-up where the Business Pivot Workshop left off and goes into more detail about how to scale your business for future growth.

    • Learn which products and services to focus with limited resources
    • Understand the key traits of a scalable business
    • Assess the scalability of your products and services based on Teachable, Valuable, and Repeatable traits.

    Starting Out: E-Commerce for First-Timers

    This webinar is best suited for solopreneurs and companies who are thinking of venturing into e-commerce but have no idea where to start. In this session, Brandon Hughes of Hoku Marketing presented a live demonstration of how an e-commerce website is set up using the Shopify platform. He also shared best practices to be undertaken when creating an online store.

    E-Commerce Fundamentals: UX/UI

    UX/UI – which stands for “User Experience and User Interface” is a critical component of good e-commerce websites. Akemi Hiatt of Hidden Gears guides you through UX/UI best practices so that you can ensure that your e-commerce website meets the demands of the modern day consumer. This workshop is suitable for both newcomers to e-commerce and businesses who are looking to enhance their online stores.